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Marine Salvage Information for Recreational Boaters

Marine Salvage is one of the most misunderstood concepts pertaining to the "law of the sea". This section of our site is dedicated to exploding the myths and misconceptions that still persist in the minds of much of the boating public concerning the facts of the law. By exploring the sub-sections here, we think you will gain a good working knowledge of the issues involved in salvage law and become better prepared should you ever need to avail yourself of salvage services.

The Basics of Marine Salvage

This part of our salvage section will contain brief articles geared toward the recreational boater. These articles will explore some of the basic ideas and concepts that every boater needs to know in order to make educated decisions when dealing with salvage situations. These articles will be coming soon!

The Law of Salvage


The International Convention on Salvage, 1989 is an international treaty that sets down the general principles of marine salvage in black and white. The United States is a signatory of this treaty and it has been ratified by the U.S. Senate, giving it the effect of statutory U.S. Federal Law.

Marine Salvage & Recreational Boaters: Modern Concepts & Misconceptions

This is an article that was written by noted Admiralty attorney Andrew Anderson, of Miami, and published in the University of San Francisco Law Review. It is quite extensive and specifically deals with the salvage issues impacting recreational boaters.

Examples of Salvage Operations

Safe/Sea Salvage Operations

This section contains examples of the many salvage operations that Safe/Sea has handled over the past several years. Pictures are included where possible, and, in the cases where the settlement was adjudicated, the full text of the court or arbitrator's decision is included.

Other Important Salvage Cases

Significant salvage cases performed by companies or individuals other than Safe/Sea will be posted in this section as we become aware of them.

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